Adi Shakti | Co-Host Vibration Rising Radio

Adi Shakti | Co-Founder, Vibration Rising Radio

Adi is a yogi, humanitarian, social justice advocate and conscious entrepreneurial visionary based in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. She is the Director and Lead Trainer of Passion Yoga School, a yoga teacher training program in the Southern Caribbean. She also owns and operates Costa Rica Travel Authority, a travel agency specializing in custom travel packages to Costa Rica, and she is the creator of Seven Days to Bliss, an at Home Retreat. Adi has led and supported groups on spiritual retreat and karma yoga through Thailand, Cambodia, India, Guatemala, Ecuador, France, the United States, and Costa Rica. She studied Business and Philosophy both at Loyola University Chicago and Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand. She lives full time in Costa Rica with her husband, and they enjoy a simple rustic life in deep harmony with nature.

Carlos Duran

Carlos Duran | Co-Founder, Vibration Rising Radio

Loving to be in service like Air Jordan used to love dunking basketballs, Carlos Duran researches the natural, the Divine, the profane, gender balance, social engineering, quantum structure and our collective walk on this multi-dimensional road we call the concert of life. A sinning saint and fool hearted lover on the soul warrior’s path, Carlos blends his dark past with his brilliant now and explores before your eyes how the soul, the mind and the body all meld as one unit. His current book, The Karma of Rape, is a healing journey from sexual abuse to wholeness using the power of spiritual lenses.  “Your whole being is either working in perfect balance or it’s out of harmony to one degree of un-health and dis-ease or another.” –CD